A message for You

It is perfectley possible to place material (docs, images, sound files or web pages) in browser accessible directories that will not be seen by search engines.

they may also be invisible to the browser read index.html file.

Such files will only be seen when the complete address is entered into the location box in your browser.

Low Power SEM image of Flea

Click on the hypertext link for Low Power SEM image and you will download a digitally larger image
without writing all over it.

If you now click on
antenna at 4000 X magnification

you will obtain a second image

All the images and this text for this web page are within the 1066 directory but are not visible if you access the directory in the normal fashion, though my hastings photographs are.


As stated previously, to see these items you need the precise path and correct case, so there is little chance of someone finding material by accident